Sunday, October 11, 2009

Servant Leadership

We have a mom who has been attending Crossroads for 13 years with her 17 year old son who is autistic. They come to church and listen from the little hallway just outside the door. She comforts him as he kicks, fidgets and makes noises. She just wants to participate in our church services without him distracting others.

Sunday, Jennifer Felix (Director of Disabilities) and Sharon Bautista (Key Volunteer for Disabilities) came up to me so excited! They had offered to watch him while mom attended service "inside" and she was able to get the nourishment from God that she needed.

Jennifer & Sharon had quite an adventure with him...he got away and they had to chase him, he grabbed a donut from the cafe and shoved it in his mouth and it just got a little crazy!

What's exciting to me is that they had to struggle with him, but now they want to do this every week to enable that mom to get time with the Lord. She came out of the service in tears because she had the ability to attend a service!!! They want to work with him each week to help him get used to being around others.

Jennifer & Sharon are leaders with the Disabilities ministry and yet they are serving this mom! That is a great example of "servant leadership" Thank you Jennifer and Sharon for letting God use you in a mighty way! It made my day!

If you would like to volunteer in this ministry or any other ministry, please contact me at! You will be blessed when you serve!

Matt 25:40 says "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me".

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  1. Praise God! I knew we could help her!!


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