Wednesday, March 3, 2010

40 Days of 24/7 Prayer

We started our 40 days of prayer on Sunday and it's been an amazing experience! People have signed up to pray every hour of every day for 40 days.  I've been in the chapel twice praying and it's so peaceful and the presence of God is there!  My hour of praying for our church and many other things went by very quickly! 

There is a paper that provides some scripture, suggestions of what to pray for and soft music! At the front of the Chapel is a flat screen TV with our prayer wall being shown. As someone adds a prayer request, we can all see it immediately and pray for that request. Anyone around the world can add a prayer and not only will the people in the chapel pray, but anyone viewing the prayer wall on the internet can be praying!  If you go to and click on the "All In" part of the page, you can find a place to click on the prayer wall and live video! 

Prayer is check it out.  If you want to really experience it, sign up at or just go pray!!!

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