Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Basic Training

Amanda Genduso sent this to me today and I decided to repeat it!


The Christmas Season here at Crossroads is going to be wonderful! Char, you would agree with me that the spirit is moving! Part of my job this year (I AM SSSOOO EXCITED and BLESSED) is to coordinate the campus décor. Well, as you can imagine this is a HUGE job, pulling out all the décor, moving it to the staging area, preparing it for display…

On Monday I was a little overwhelmed by this task. It’s more than I could do physically. I mentioned my plight to Pastor of Community, Dan Pierce, he said, “Let me send a text out.” Honestly, I thought “Yeah Right! Everyone is exhausted from the Masquerade Ball and Trunk & Treasure.” Five men from our Generate Ministry showed up with smiles on their faces to help! They helped me for hours never complaining! They got poked from the tree branches, dirty, sweaty and glitter flying everywhere!

It is an honor to serve with Steve, Albert, Brad, Dylan, and Sean!

Thank you for your help! You truly showed selfless service~ This season is going to be awesome to watch God move~

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