Thursday, September 17, 2009 of our volunteers (keeping the name private, but you know who you are) just came in crying! I was concerned and she explained what had happened.

A young women had discovered she was pregnant and decided to get an abortion. She was afraid to tell her parents and of course, didn't want to endure what goes along with this situation. This wonderful volunteer spent time with her praying, listening and showing her the love of Christ. The volunteer was moved to tears when she received the call that the young woman was not going to have the abortion and another life had been saved. This volunteer told the young woman that she was her hero. About 1/2 hour later the volunteer felt the Holy Spirit prompting her to call the young woman. She gave her a call to explain that she needed to repent & change the way she was living and the young woman rededicated her life to Christ.

This young woman will now be embraced by our church family and she will see the love of Christ in action!!! It's amazing how God will use you if you are willing to hear and obey His promptings! I appreciate every single volunteer @ Crossroads and I know God will bless them for their obedience!

Everyone NEEDS to volunteer! It enables God to use you and connects you to people in a special way!!! Email me at so that you won't miss out on the blessings.

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