Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting Started

As the Director of Involvement @ Crossroads I never thought I would be blogging, but I read a great book (Tribes) that inspired me about doing a better job of keeping in touch and more importantly, creating community within Crossroads.

It came to mind that I should blog about the volunteers at Crossroads that sacrifice their time and energy to serve God. They love what they do and there are many who go way above and beyond what anyone would expect.

This first blog will be a great big thanks to the leaders of the various teams. I know they do it for God, but I'm am so humbled to know that they work hard at their jobs and homes...then spend their free time putting together schedules, coordinating get togethers, calling or emailing their teams! It's very much appreciated by myself and the Crossroads leadership.

So thank you to Tony Smith (Communion/Offering), Mike Olson (Ushers), Eunice Johnson (Welcome Center), Todd Holtkamp (Emergency Response), Jeff Evans (Communion Consolidation), Gary & Carolyn Lauren (Decision Counseling), Mark, Cheryl & Kyle Peabody (Greeters), Bill & Betty Johnson (Saturday AM Communion Preparation), Kirk Bennett (Sunday PM Communion/Offering), Mark & April DeSeive, Richard Leonard (First Responders), Arnold Carraway (Prison Ministry) & Frank Ayars (Parking).

If you think you would like to do some volunteering...please contact me at We can always use your help!

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